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  • Our Media Buying Services don't cost our clients a dime! Built in Advertising Agency discounts cover the cost of our services. We get you the best rates and place your advertising and you pay nothing extra for our expertise

  • MadDog Media has over 10 years of experience in Media Buying Consultation. We know how to analyze your unique marketplace help you make choices that delivers results

  • Our insider knowledge helps our clients gain the best placement, rates and all the extras

  • All of our plans and strategies are grounded in marketing research and experience

  • What is Mad Dog Media Relations?

    Brand development, radio, television, websites, jingles, social media marketing, direct mail, print and outdoor advertising, these are all tools brought together to speak your message, to form the connection, to establish the relationship, and to sustain it. 

    Get Mad Dog Media and find out how to Rise Above the Noise!