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Video marketing is taking the advertising world by storm. Did you know that viewing an online video increases the likelihood that a consumer will purchase a product by 85%? Companies that implement video into their marketing campaigns are significantly more successful than those that do not. You might think that your company can experience greater return on investment by producing a video advertisement in-house. Unless you have a professional team of video producers in your company, that simply is not the case.

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By now you've figured ou that Search Engine Optimization is crucial to the success of your company. 93% of online experiences start on a search engine like google, bing or yahoo! That's great, but you can't just wave a magic wand and expect to be at the top of search results. Effective SEO takes time, planning, and often some financial investment. To start your journey toward effective SEO, here are a few tactics to start using every day.

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Almost all marketing statistics point to VIDEO as the most effective way to reach your prospective clientele. After all it is a medium which can be used in so many ways. Every video you make can be posted across all of your Social Media platforms, embedded on your website and maybe even used in your television advertising.

Once you've made that decision to make video a piece of your marketing plan...how do you make it happen?  If you can't shoot, edit, produce and launch the videos yourself...who do you turn to?  How do you choose your marketing video partner?  In today's blog post we give you a few tips and give you the secret to finding the perfect video production partner.

Our website is filled with important statistics for you to know if you are making marketing decisions.  We have spent hundreds of hours researching these statistics and have pulled out the ones we feel illustrate today's marketing landscape.  We didn't make these statistics up, we did the work to find reputable sources of information and then combined our findings with decades of experience to create an advertising agency that could meet the needs of any potential client, in any market, promoting any product or service.

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Brand development, radio, television, websites, jingles, social media marketing, direct mail, print and outdoor advertising, these are all tools brought together to speak your message, to form the connection, to establish the relationship, and to sustain it. 

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