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L. Michael Ovadia - CEO / Founder

Like a glass of fine red wine on the white carpet of life, our CEO has made a career out of getting noticed!

Michael Ovadia's media career began in his junior year of high school when he was hired by the town newspaper to cover local stories. His strong passion and creative ability to emotionally connect with the public led to a successful broadcasting career in both radio and television that continues today.

From establishing, developing and marketing brands that connect...to researching the marketplace for opportunities, Ovadia's diverse media background allows for a unique understanding of what will work and what will not when it comes to spending your ad dollars. With 25+ years in the marketing and media industry, Ovadia has been nominated for numerous broadcast achievement awards, worked with notable brands including Purina, AT&T and The American Cancer Society and continues to study the rapidly changing media landscape to ensure success for our clients.

What is Mad Dog Media Relations?

Brand development, radio, television, websites, jingles, social media marketing, direct mail, print and outdoor advertising, these are all tools brought together to speak your message, to form the connection, to establish the relationship, and to sustain it. 

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