Are you aware the average consumer is inundated with over 5,000 commercial messages and 30,000 impressions a day? Brand recall drops to less than 8% in a highly cluttered environment, and 99% of these messages make little or no impact at all according to the International Journal of Advertising. The media landscape is changing at such a rapid pace, and effectiveness of advertising is at an all-time low.

How successful are your marketing efforts today? What would it be worth if you had a source that utilizes market research, zeros in on where your consumers are, and shows you how to reach them like never before strategically? You can meet your consumers where they are, educate them as to the reasons why your product or service matters to them and overcome these objectives by targeting your consumer base, finding their pain and moving them to pleasure. Learn how to cut through the clutter and Rise Above The Noise!

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What is Mad Dog Media Relations?

Brand development, radio, television, websites, jingles, social media marketing, direct mail, print and outdoor advertising, these are all tools brought together to speak your message, to form the connection, to establish the relationship, and to sustain it. 

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